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Besame Cosmetics Wild Orchid Lipstick and 1915 Rose Delicate Rouge

(Wearing both products)

I’ve been a fan of Besame’s vintage aesthetic for quite a while, and these products don’t disappoint.

The newly-released Wild Orchid lipstick is a slight departure from the brand’s mostly-matte offerings, as it contains a slight shimmer. It’s not glittery and is very flattering. The shade is balanced between red and purple, so it skews neutral in tone and would work on many skintones. The shade wore well on me for 6-8 hours.

I’ve tried Besame cream rouges in the past and been thrilled, and their powder is equally spectacular. It’s so pigmented I barely needed to touch brush to pan, and it provided a lovely and blendable natural rosy pink flush with a hint of plum. I also love that the top of the packaging is detachable from the product pan, which means you can apply with the mirror wherever needed. 

Besame continues to provide classic beauty at an affordable price tag, with packaging designed to make every wearer feel like a diva. These products are available at

(This Review was not sponsored & I bought these products with my own money.)


Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection (Photos and Thoughts)

Like many a makeup enthusiast (addict), I waited up until the wee hours on December 14th to get my hands on Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Collection.

I purchased the (cult mania) Sweet Peach Eyehsdow Palette, Papa Don’t Peach Blush, the Sweet Peach Glow Kit, and the Lip Oil in Tickle-Me-Peach.

The eyeshadow formula is very comparable with Too Faced’s full-sized chocolate bar palettes, so if you like those, you’re not in for any nasty surprises. They’re finely-milled, soft, buttery, and non-powdery.

The blush is a deep, bronzy peach, and it doesn’t have glitter, but it has a satin finish (definitely not matte). Would work well on deeper skintones. I had to use a light hand not to overdo it.

The Glow Kit is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously. The neutral bronzer is matte, so it makes a good contour, and the highlight is shimmery without being insane. This kit has its own blush, a slightly lighter pinky peach that can be built up.

I only ordered one lip oil because I’m not really a gloss fan, but it’s full coverage, smells amazing, and is hydrating like a balm. 

The peach scent is strong with all products, and they’re made with real peaches, so if you’re allergic or not into that, definitely give it a miss.

Here are some photos, including a quick look I did to try all the products. I’m happy to say there’s not a dud in the bunch. Highly recommend.

The Sweet Peach Collection is available at (The eyeshadow palette is now permanent; some of the rest is limited [Too Faced has been weirdly confusing about this], so hurry)

I was not compensated for this review, and I purchased these products with my own money. 

10 Favorite Lipsticks Review

(Click photo for a bigger picture)

L-R Romantic, Russian Red, Mellowarm, Ravishing, Watch Me Simmer, Pink Pout, Las Vegas, San Paulo, Till Tomorrow, Shy Girl

Favorite Lipsticks

Just like it says, this post is all about favorite lippies. I have a pretty big lipstick (and gloss) collection, so I might do another one in the future, but for now, these are some of my very favorites.

Bear in mind, I’m super fair skinned. You can see my skin color in my arm swatch, and it’s definitely on the very pale side. I’ll describe my experience with these colors, but it will, of course, vary according to your skin tone.

I’ve decided to organize the lipsticks by color, just to make things easier.


I love a red lip, both for everyday and evening.

My current favorite daily red is Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic, which is a true tomato red with more orange than blue in it. It’s a good red for day because it’s long wearing (I find the KBS to be that way in general), and it can be applied sheer or built up for more coverage. It’s definitely not a red that will shock people you meet.

My all-time favorite statement red is Russian Red by MAC Cosmetics. It’s a matte texture, which is my favorite, and it’s a true, blue-based red that is long-lasting and very glamorous. On my fair skin, it stands out, but it’s also very flattering, especially when balanced with a darkly-lined eye. (I have been known to wear this red during the day, but it’s definitely a statement to do so.)


I only picked one lipstick for this color because it’s not generally one of my most flattering.

My choice is Mellowarm, which was part of the MAC holiday collection 2011 ¬†and might still be snaggable at a Cosmetics Company Outlet. It’s a good brown for me because it has a bit of red and a bit of coral to it. It’s an all-around unusual color, but it’s one of the most flattering I own on my lips, I think because it adds some warmth to my pale face.


I’m a huge fan of orange lip products for everyday, and I own many, but these are two of my most used.

My favorite all-time daily orange is Ravishing by MAC Cosmetics. I went to my local MAC counter when the orange lip rage first hit, and I tried on Morange, which caused me to nearly faint dead away. It’s a beautiful color, but it’s so pigmented and bright that I felt like a traffic cone. Nowadays, I might be more inclined to buy it, but at the time, I was just getting into lipstick, and it was too much. I’m super glad that happened because one of the MAC artists suggested Ravishing instead, which is a Cremesheen (sort of a cross between matte and glossy) light, bright orange that applies opaquely, lasts a long time, and gives me the look of a 1960s Barbie, which I love.

A recent purchase from the Shop MAC/Cook MAC collection, Watch Me Simmer is fast becoming my holy grail statement coral lipstick. The texture is Amplified, which means it’s basically a Cremesheen on steroids. It’s pinker than Ravishing, and it sits dead between a very bright orange and a very bright pink. Remember what I said earlier about my phobia of uber-bright lipstick? You can tell from this purchase that I had come a long way when this collection came out.

(I knew I was going to have to work the day Shop MAC/Cook MAC arrived on counter, so I reserved the products I wanted early, including Watch Me Simmer. I was SO glad I did when I heard that that particular shade sold out by 11:00 a.m. on the launch morning!)


I’ve picked three lipsticks in this color range, not because I necessarily like pink more than other colors, but because it’s a common one for lip products and spans a very broad spectrum of shade intensity.

Pink Pout is a fairly recent purchase for me and the first purchase I made from the Revlon matte lipstick collection. It’s what I would call my “barely there” pink lipstick. It’s pretty, and it’s opaque, but it’s totally not a color that distracts in any way from a bold eye or cheek look. It’s pinker than a nude, but the effect is similar to a nude lip in the sense that it’s a very, very unobtrusive look. I love the texture and highly recommend the Revlon mattes because they last well, and the formula is more moisturizing than other mattes I’ve tried.

A great everyday pink that I just purchased is Buxom’s Big and Healthy Lipstick in Las Vegas. It’s a creamy matte that is bright enough to show up but not overpowering. As I said, it’s very new to me, but I’m ready to call this my perfect pink because of how well it suits my complexion. Pink is a color I stayed away from for a while because I couldn’t seem to find the right one, but this one is ideal for me, and I love the matte texture and the tingly feeling on lips.

San Paulo by Nyx Cosmetics is a very deep pink (almost violet), and it’s a liquid lipstick that applies like a gloss, has a totally matte texture, and dries almost like a stain. It was very affordable (like all Nyx products) and has incredible staying power. The only reason I tried the color was because of the low price, but I ended up loving it for days when I want to go less dramatic on eyes and get a good pop of color on my lips.


Neither lipstick I’m describing here is a classic nude. I look ill in most of the beige or brown-toned nude shades, so these are what works better for me.

Till Tomorrow by MAC Cosmetics is an unusual mauve shade. I’d never have tried it if someone hadn’t recommended it, but once I put it on, I realized it’s closer to my natural lipcolor than almost anything I’ve ever worn. I have very non-pigmented lips, and this lipstick deepens my natural shade and gives me a sophisticated natural look that I like. It’s from the Pro Longwear collection and really does have great staying power.

I got MAC’s Shy Girl (Cremesheen) for free as part of the Back to MAC program (I brought back six finished containers for recycling), and it’s another one I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up for myself without someone showing it to me. It’s in the same family as a classic nude, but there’s something about the very slight warm coral tinge to it that makes it incredibly wearable. It’s a nude-ish shade that isn’t much like my natural lips, but it looks very flattering on and complements any number of eye looks. I really like to wear it for work when I’m doing all neutrals, but it also goes will with more extreme eye makeup.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of my favorite lipsticks. Stay tuned for more posts about makeup and beauty!


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